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Please check with the Secretary of State to verify your choice of name is available at this link NV Business Entity Search before applying.

If you would like to incorporate with Corporation Services of America begin by filling out the application below. We will use this information to process your application.



I , being a person legally competent to enter into contracts for the purpose of forming a corporation in the State of Nevada, do hereby appoint, Corporation Services of America to be the Incorporator and Resident Agent for:

Name of Corporation or LLC

and upon the acceptance of the Articles of Incorporation by the Secretary of State of Nevada, Corporation Services of America shall relinquish the Corporation to , who is hereby appointed the Managing Director of the Corporation to proceed with its organization.

An Initial list of Officers or Managers and Members must be filed once the   Articles of Incorporation/Organization have been filed and accepted by the Secretary of State of Nevada. You will be responsible for providing the list of Officers and Directors of your corporation or the Managers and Members of your LLC.  The State of Nevada requires this to be filed within 30 days after establishing your entity.  

The information requested below is necessary for the preparation of the Articles of Incorporation:

The number of shares to be authorized for immediate issue:  ___________________.

Par Value per share ____________________

Shall the shares be assessable?

Yes     No

(Assessable shares are not desirable, except in certain situations, where the principals want to function like partners, and be able to depend upon each other for investing more capital if necessary.)

The governing body of the Corporation shall be?

Directors     Managers     Managing Members

The First Board of Directors shall consist of members and the names and addresses are as follows:

Name 1
Address 1
Name 2
Address 2
Name 3
Address 3
Name 4
Address 4

To establish a Federal I.D. Number the following name and social security number is authorized to be used. (Name and Social Security Number must belong to either an Officer or Director of the filing corporation.):

Name S.S.#

The purpose of the Corporation shall be:

Please give us your contact information:

Full Name __________________________________


Email ______________________________________


Phone ______________________________________


Mailing Address: _______________________________ 

Address _________________________________________


City __________________________________________

State _____________   Zipcode ______________




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