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What is a Resident Agent and why do I need one?

One of the requirements of every Nevada Corporation is that it must have an authorized resident agent and a registered office in the State of Nevada where process may be served upon the corporation. The resident agent provides that physical presence in the State of Nevada where papers can be served, mail is processed and handles the annual notices from the state.

Board of Directors of "just one". One person can set up and run the Nevada corporation. That one person may serve as all of the officers and directors of the corporation.

Every corporation must conduct business which includes meetings of the shareholders and directors, establishes by-laws of the corporation, etc. The minutes of these meetings, stock certificates, corporate seal and the other important documents of the corporation are best maintained in a book frequently referred to as a corporate kit. We feel that you can simplify the day to day operation of the corporation by obtaining a standard kit and keep good records.


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